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Scarlette Bartending


Digital Product,
Physical Product




Identity Design,
Art Direction

Physical Products

Scarlette Bartending is a high-end bartending company based in Los Angeles, CA that came to Becreative in need of a full rebranding and marketing strategy. Their goal was to appeal to a higher-end market through a more upscale look to appeal to weddings and other high-end parties while still having the rock ’n roll/concert vibe that began the company and they were so deeply rooted in.

We kicked off the project with a discovery phase where we familiarized ourselves with every attribute of the brand from the team members and their backgrounds to the collective values that comprised Scarlette Bartending. After sorting through this information and hours of story telling we created the brand narrative which includes the critical non-tangible attributes of the brand such as its voice and senses. These are paramount in maintaining brand positioning and messaging across all marketing materials.

After establishing the brand narrative, we created the identity system which includes a versatile new logo that fit their newly refined and edgy brand as well as a new type specimen, color palette and secondary elements. The custom type was created with their rock ’n roll background in mind while the wine glass ring gave the type a more elevated and sophisticated tone. We delivered a full brand guidelines to be used or referenced when creating any new marketing collateral, on-boarding employees to the company culture and as a milestone in the brand lifecycle.

Becreative’s production team then attended multiple events and organized studio shoots to create purposeful, brand relevant content that captured the essence of Scarlette Bartending services for physical and digital application.

We then built and designed Scarlette Bartending’s website which exemplified their new brand and identity. We strategically created wireframes to ensure the website was easy to navigate, represented the brand well, and presented Scarlette Bartending’s capabilities in a clear and concise manner.

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