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Custom Interactive


Experiential Marketing, On-site Customization


On-site Customization, Product Design

A custom interactive platform connecting brands with consumers by creating a memorable and unique branded experience. From custom on-site printing of apparel and premiums, to digital games, consumer surveys and event analytics, Engauge is the backbone of any marketing event unlocking and maximizing the ROI on each and every impression. Using the platform’s plug and play modules: Design, Play, Ask, and Measure, Engauge can be tailored to meet the needs of your event, big or small, single location or tour. Additionally, no matter when or where, Becreative has your back, providing 24/7 support for your event from ideation to implementation and operations.

Use the Design module to allow consumers to create their very own custom product and have it produced on-site. Design is a digital interactive module that allows users to select their product, size, color and other important attributes. The cornerstone of the module is the ability to create unique and personalized premiums complete with a custom photo, text or logos the consumer can place where they want. Design is built to adapt to your event and can be dynamically scaled up or down simply by removing or adding tablets or kiosks to your footprint. Let Design worry about the details of inventory tracking and integration with social media feeds.  

Plug in the Play module to crank up the experience a notch. Use one of our off the shelf games or let Becreative build one from scratch. Working with our creative team, each game is branded to ensure an impression is made within the digital experience. The module can be configured to include prizes or simply as a prize reveal. Play is deployed as a mobile application and can be used both in the booth or on the move throughout the event space. The module leverages the Engauge platform, meaning every time a consumer plays a game, valuable registration data is collected. Play manages the prize inventory for you, does not require Internet connectivity, and is a powerful way to engage users in a fun and easy to use way.

Ask allows the brand or agency to collect targeted, specific data regarding their brand in order to gain more information about their consumers or about what their consumers want. By allowing the client to ask open-ended, multiple choice, and drop down questions, agencies and brands have a wide range of ways to get to know their market. The data collected can be analyzed in real-time or after the event and enables the client to send targeted email marketing campaigns and social media promotions with demographic precision. 

Add the Measure module to your event to get real-time analytics of your activation using highly customized and configurable dashboards. The information gathered by Measure gives you the ability to make strategic decisions to streamline the event or post-event marketing efforts. With Measure, you can compare multiple campaigns giving you the big picture view to make more informed decisions for the next event or next year.

From operational and event logistics to strategic executive level reports, Measure gets the right information to the right people to make the right decision. Use Measure to create powerful post-event presentations for you to impress your clients and have them coming back for more.

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