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Remote Gifting Platform

Whether you’re an agency planning a virtual event, or you want to engage WFH employees, or anything in between, we can make a remote experience come to life.


Ship an experience right to the doorstep of your loyal customers or coworkers

I like the concept, but I need ideas.

Hassle-free Kit Creation

It's never been easier to create custom branded kits. Just let us know the occasion and we'll take care of the rest. One less thing on the checklist for you to worry about.

Plus, our Remote Gifting Platform makes it super simple for your audience to redeem their kits. We'll send an email that includes a link to the site and their unique voucher code. They redeem using their code, and it ships right to their doorstep. As easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Each person is sent a unique voucher code

They redeem their code online for their free kit

We fulfill directly to your recipients for you

Roche, Head of Strategic Planning and Program Management

Joyce Eng

“The team is very appreciative and excited for the (WFH) swag boxes. Even without the boxes yet, just the email and the idea already cheered up some folks and was much appreciated, [. . .] the world is very weird right now and you helped brighten the day for multiple people.”

Virtual Event Gifting Kits

Live events will come back, but virtual events are here to stay. Leave a lasting impression on your event attendees with our Virtual Event Gifting Kits.

  • Build excitement and anticipation pre-event

  • Engage and seal the deal post-event

Work From Home Kits

The last thing you want is a remote employee who feels unappreciated or out of the loop. Build morale and ensure things keep running smoothly with our Work From Home Kits.

  • Virtual Happy Hours

  • New-hire Onboarding

  • Home Office Supplies + Gear

PPE Kits

Whether it's for your home, office, or home-office, you need PPE. We have a wide selection of vetted items big or small to stuff into your PPE Kits.


Send to...

  • Remote Employees

  • Valued Customers

  • Family and Friends

A Gift For You, On Us.

We want to hook you up, because you deserve it. We've included a bunch of cool Becreative branded items that you can only get here.

Use this as an opportunity to experience our Remote Gifting Platform for yourself!

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I like the concept, but I need ideas.


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Interested in our Remote Gifting Platform? Whether you already have a vision for your kits, or need some help with ideas, now's your chance to let us know! 

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