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Physical Product,

Digital Product,
Custom Interactive




Art Direction,
Promotional Products,
Virtual Reality,
Footprint Design,
Video Production

Each summer AT&T gears up for their mobile tour across the United States covering multiple event types (Music, Fairs, Air Shows, etc.) reaching a diverse audience and demographic. The tour’s objective is to generate market awareness, showing off the new line of GoPhone products and plans, while leveraging the power of social media to maximize their marketing reach.

AT&T & Mosaic selected Becreative to deliver an end-to-end interactive experience using their digital platform, Engauge. Becreative created event buzz by including a custom designed and developed virtual reality game leveraging Engauge’s Play module.

Additionally, guests were given the opportunity to create their own branded custom t-shirt or sunglasses, using the Design module, which they could take with them as a giveaway. Utilizing the Ask module, valuable marketing information was collected in a survey format for further analysis in the Measure module. “The Engauge platform allowed us to quickly and easily deliver a top notch and rich experience, reaching thousands of guests directly while extending the experience to their social network” said Brooks Bowman, CEO and President of Becreative Marketing.

In order to maximize the reach of the experience beyond the event venue, Becreative connected the VR experience with a photo opportunity for family and friends to share with their social networks. Participants selected a photo overlay, which included their VR game score, in their social share along with built-in hashtags for the event and the brand. “The power of individuals sharing their branded interactive experience with friends and family through their social channels is a clear objective of any interactive activation” said Angie Williams, Account Manager at Mosaic, “Becreative’s Engauge platform was able to accomplish this beyond our expectations.”

Becreative was critical in the ideation process working with AT&T GoPhone, Mosaic, and their trailer fabricator early on and throughout the duration of the campaign. Becreative and Mosaic successfully created and delivered an unforgettable consumer experience, while meeting all of the tour’s business objectives and goals. “Becreative’s off the shelf platform means we did not have to incur the costs or time it takes to create a full custom software solution” said Angie Williams. “Becreative was able to quickly deploy Engauge on the latest GoPhone devices making the device and the app the event hero.”

In addition to developing the application and the VR game, we provided the brand ambassador uniforms, the t-shirt premiums and custom shirt designs and our Snaps custom sunglasses.

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