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Salesforce’s annual customer conference held in San Francisco, California regularly sets the bar for the largest, most innovative and best attended tech/sales conference, bringing in 180,000 registered attendees. Each year, Salesforce outdoes the previous year with 2016 being no exception. With acts such as U2 headlining, (Red) and Bill Gates raising more than 4 million dollars to fight HIV and AIDS, Salesforce sets a high bar when it comes to guest experience. Utilizing Becreative’s digital interactive platform, Engauge, Salesforce took their attendee experience to the next level.

Salesforce selected Becreative to provide integrated on-site product customization with a different gift each day. Engauge enabled attendees to customize their daily gift digitally and have their designs printed on-site while they networked within the event space. Becreative worked with Salesforce to select four items for customization: a beer koozie to go with their Oktoberfest themed night, a hat, a high quality shirt and a notebook. “Engauge powered our custom interactive initiative producing high-quality custom gifts that  our attendees were excited about. They just kept coming back for more!” said Heather Glendinning, Director of Product Marketing, Analytics Cloud at Salesforce.

On top of the awesome gift experience, Engauge’s Ask module was used to gain customer insights, while the Measure module was leveraged to explore the data collected during the event. Everything from event throughput, peak hours, most popular products and designs, along with customer focused survey questions are collected and reported on in real time and accessed via Measure’s dashboards. “Event operational questions during the event, ROI, and event success questions post-event are all collected and easily viewed using Measure,” said Adin Stein, CTO of Becreative. “This enables greater visibility at all stages of the event for both the operational team on the ground and other event stakeholders in the boardroom.”


“Becreative was able to get us up and running quickly and painlessly using Engauge, providing a turnkey event service. Engauge eliminated the headaches and costs of a custom application, while producing high-quality customized premiums our attendees absolutely loved” said Heather Glendinning.

Beyond creating a custom interactive experience for Dreamforce, Becreative also helped ideate and create custom products for various corporate Salesforce events, VIP gifts, and general giveaways to Salesforce users.

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