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Physical Product


Alcohol and Beverage


Product Ideation, Apparel Production

Co-owners Wyndee & Dave Forrest conjured up the big idea for Crafthaus while traveling through Germany where the origins of craft beer was born. They turned to Becreative to help market their new microbrewery to the greater Las Vegas community.

Crafthaus has a very unique style and culture that we wanted to capture in the products we made for them. They had to be products that people in the booming craft beer industry would appreciate and find useful. With that in mind, we created custom apparel for their brewmasters. 

Traditional trucker hats and sunglasses were added to give a taste of style to the everyday brew maker. A pop up tent and credit card sized bottle openers made their way to various craft brew festivals. The credit card bottle openers were given out as an event takeaway. Instagram videos were created to build awareness for their new seasonal beers, showcasing the rich bold colors and new product.

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