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Orchard Financial


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Identity Design,
Art Direction,

Orchard Financial is a private wealth advisory group within the Ameriprise Financial corporate family. They came to Becreative hoping to create a new identity that would set them apart from the rest of the private wealth advisory practices under the Ameriprise Financial Corporation that provided almost identical services.

We started by creating the brand narrative that included their voice, brand senses, core values, and target demographic. This served as a reference document for any future brand messaging and for educating new associates. We then went to the drawing board and presented them with multiple iterations of logos that reflected both the name “Orchard” as well as their unique voice. The brand mark representing the seeds was born through the multitude of fruits that are grown in orchards that have seeds, as well as the idea of taking a client from the very beginning of their financial journey and growing their portfolio into something substantial. We then put all of the final touches on their brand with secondary elements, a color palette, and imagery guidelines that will help Orchard keep their brand consistent and ensure that they are perceived correctly.

As a part of our branding efforts, we worked with Orchard to redesign their office space to match the new identity. The redesign included: custom designed CNC routed wall piece that made the space feel larger, custom fabricated desks, cabinets, and privacy dividers that made the space feel more open in an effort to enable communication and efficiency. Lastly, we leveraged the branded assets we created to provide consultation and resources for various pieces of office furniture and flooring to make the office more comfortable and inviting.

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