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Physical Product,
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Kellogg’s is the leading multinational food manufacturing company in the country. The brand prides itself on its quality health foods. Becreative partnered with Kellogg’s at the USA Women’s Gymnastics trials in Indiana and New Jersey to raise awareness of Kellogg’s new Origins granola among young female athletes and their parents. The granola was sampled in a 10′ x 10′ Farmer’s Market booth that Becreative fabricated to showcase the wholesome and natural granola.

Our client wanted to find a way to encourage young female athletes to associate the Kellogg’s brand with a healthy lifestyle. We produced the two-sided fabric walls and side rails that created the 20′ x 40′ booth space. Our client set up an obstacle course comprised of trampolines, balance beams and other gymnastic events for the girls to play on. Once they finished their fun exercises, the girls could take photos on the podium, which was also built by Becreative. We also provided the space with a custom fabricated, wood standee of a female gymnast that girls could stand next to and measure themselves up against. Our goal was to create a sense of confidence in these young girls and have them come out of the experience with some knowledge on health, while having fun with the Kellogg’s brand.

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