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Ansible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure. Becreative and Ansible partnered at AWS Re:Invent, a convention which brings in thousands of developers and engineers from all over the world. The event, held in Las Vegas, gives attendees insight to the latest AWS product offerings and services.

Becreative delivered a custom interactive experience to AWS attendees. With the use of Engauge, attendees were able to design their very own unique hat using various pre-designed Ansible/AWS heat patches. The attendees were able to customize both front and back of the hats by rotating the logos on screen and placing them where ever they wanted.

The result was incredible: 5,000 unique hats were pressed on-site, each completed in a matter of minutes. Not only did we provide the attendee with a custom-interactive product, we also connected Ansible with 5,000 unique impressions via the Measure module. This gave Ansible the leads and the power to keep the conversation going, even after the event.

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