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Custom Interactive




Custom Interactive, On-Site Production, Data Capture

Each year, the technology giant Oracle, hosts roughly 60,000 innovators, developers and partners from 145 countries to share new, cutting-edge technology and ideas. Becreative was asked to elevate the attendees experience by deploying Engauge on-site, enabling people to create their very own “persona shirts”.

Attendees were able to mix and match various technology terms such as software, git, or agile with a themed skill such as “master, hero, ninja, etc. to create a unique combination. Over 2,500 excited attendees not only created a shirt that spoke to them, but also wore it throughout the remainder of the event. All customer data that was entered in Engauge was presented back to Oracle in an easy to digest graphical format, as well as a CSV to integrate into their CRM.

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